Log Home Repair and Restoration Services

Staining, Sealing and Log Home Finishes

We feel that the importance of applying quality log home finishes to your investment cannot be emphasized strongly enough. Water and UV rays will destroy the structural integrity of your log home if left unfinished. The average home buyer will spend many hours discussing wood species and home design but are sometimes unsure about the products that are available.

We are committed to giving special attention to the research of a variety of preservatives, stains and top coats available in the log home industry today. Because our company believes in protecting your log home, we will work with you to establish the best product for your home while taking into consideration factors such as log species, moisture content and geographical location.

Finishes are available in water based and oil based finishes. Oil based finishes are deep penetrating stains that soak deep into the wood and water based stains coat the exterior surface of the log. Most home owners choose a clear transparent stain, semi transparent stain, semi solid stain or a solid stain. We do not recommend a clear stain but recommend a stain with pigment to offer your home more protection against UV rays.

In order to professionally apply stains and finishes to your home, we properly prepare the wood surfaces and first apply a borate treatment to your logs. During the staining process, we also offer stain additives such as mildew ides and insecticides to assist with the treatment of problematic issues such as high humidity and insects.

Log Home Repair and Restoration will assist you in obtaining the right finish and the right look for your log home. We can apply the finishes, help you with the application procedures needed for you to apply it yourself and assist you with purchasing the appropriate products.