Log Home Repair and Restoration Services

Maintenance Programs for Log Homes

Available to you is the Preservation & Maintenance Of Log Structures as published by the Log Home Council.

10 Tips for Maintaining Your Log Home

  1. Design! Design! Design! Roof overhangs are a necessary part of protecting your log home. Overhangs should be a minimum of 24” in width.
  2. Install a termite shield and treat the soil for termites when constructing the foundation of the home.
  3. Install vapor barriers and vent the foundation properly to eliminate moisture.
  4. Preserve your logs with a quality log home finish. Log homes have special finishing requirements that are not necessarily the same requirements as found on structures build with standard sawn lumber.
  5. Evaluate your design and incorporate a system to divert water from general precipitation in the form of snow, mist or rain. Correct any area where rain water stands or splashes directly on the log or any wood surface.
  6. Pay attention to the humidity factor in your area. You may need to take additional steps to protect your home from decay and fungus. A borate treatment or a finish addictive such as a mildecide will protect the wood form molds and mildew.
  7. Grade around the log home to divert water and soil from touching the logs. Do not plant shrubs and other vegetation too close to the log wall surface.
  8. Do not stack firewood or other lumber next to your home.
  9. Perform yearly maintenance checks or hire a professional to implement a maintenance program. Check for water leaks, signs of insect infestation and finish failure.
  10. Keep a journal on the maintenance of your log home. Keep records and dates of the products applied, the warranties and the contractors who have worked on your home. Keep notes of your observations.