Log Home Repair and Restoration Services

Historic Restoration & Vintage Lumber

Log cabins are important symbols of our American history. Log cabin construction methods were brought to America by European colonists. The history of log cabins shows us the diversity of construction methods of generations past . Colonists often built the cabins from trees on the property where they settled. These cabins were often built from a variety of different species. A variety of hand tools were also used to construct these cabins of decades past. Chinking was made from many materials such as clay, moss, stones, straw, mud and shredded paper.

Our company is very excited to be a part of preserving our cultural heritage. We are skilled in methods of repair and continue to implement plans to increase the longevity of these important structures. Disassembling log cabins and relocating them to other locations is also an important part of our business. We have carefully disassembled cabins piece by piece. We carefully document, photograph and tag each piece of lumber for reassembly in order to accurately reconstruct the cabin in its new location.

The use of vintage lumber in new construction and renovation today is an increasing popular option. Vintage reclaimed timber from cabins is a dimishing commodity as some historic cabins are systematically being remanufactured into beams, flooring , timber frames and cabinetry. Log Home Repair and Restoration Services can supply vintage materials based on availability for the discerning homeowner who is seeking that special touch for their home.