Log Home Repair and Restoration Services

Expert Witness Consulting in Legal Matters

Log Home Repair and Restoration Services offers log home expert witness services for homeowners, log home builders, insurance companies and attorneys. As licensed general contractors, we have the knowledge specific to the log home industry. As a recognized authority in log home construction since 1977, we are able to analysis construction and design issues, structural deficiencies, consumer related problems and constructions errors. As professional consultants, we are able to offer forensic analysis of log structures and assist with mediation, arbitration and litigation. Decades of practical hands on experience has enabled us to provide a thorough investigation and examination of log structures. Our ability to carefully document each issue and express the details in clear and concise terms enables all parties to understand the complexities of log home construction.

Log Home Expert Witness Services:


Providing an onsite analysis of the condition of any log structure.

  • Construction errors
  • Leakage and water infiltration
  • Deteriorated logs
  • Finishing, chinking and product failure
  • Settling and shrinkage issues
  • Improperly fitted log butt joints and corners
  • Malfunctioning windows and doors
  • Inadequate fasteners, foam and caulking applications

Written Reports

Providing complete, clear and concise written summary reports detailing our investigation including cost and damage calculations.

Expert Testimony

  • Consultation in evaluating all aspects of the case
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Documentation support