Log Home Repair and Restoration Services

Consultation and Log Home Inspections

Log Home Repair and Restoration Services, Inc offers a consultation and log home inspection service unique to the log home industry. Our consultations and inspections can benefit homeowners, home buyers and sellers, real estate companies, insurance companies, log home manufacturers, log home dealers, and log home builders and other business professionals.

New construction inspections, assistance with legal disputes and everything in between are some of the services our dedicated team of log home professionals are waiting to provide. We can also consult with you and offer basic training techniques for the do it yourself homeowner.

Yearly log home inspections should be part of homeowner’s maintenance schedule. Problems discovered early can save a homeowner time and money. When problems are identified during an inspection, a plan of action and a schedule can be established to repair your log home and implement a log home maintenance program.

Prior to purchase inspections can save a potential log home buyer, a log home seller or a real estate company a multitude of after the sale problems. Prior to purchase inspections are excellent negotiating tools to ensure that everyone receives the information needed to make an educated decision and negotiate a fair deal. Often local home inspectors miss problems that are specific to log homes. A professional log home inspection along with a local building inspection provides the potential buyer or seller with a complete assessment of the home.

Log Home Insurance Damage Appraisals are also an important of our business. A log home expert is often necessary to establish log home appraisal values or establish replacement cost due to fire, wind or storm damage.

Our company also inspects log homes to promote quick resolution in legal disputes between log home manufacturers, log home builders and log home buyers. We assist both parties in finding quick, cost effective ways to resolve these disputes. Consultations and Log Home Inspections are offered internationally as well as in all fifty states. Travel costs and fees will vary depending on location.