Log Home Repair and Restoration Services

Chinking and Caulking

Log home builders and homeowners continue to face the challenge of preventing air and water infiltration. We are experienced in the application of caulking in problem areas such as knots, checks, cracks, corners joints, butt joints, in between log courses and around windows and doors.

Log Home Repair and Restoration Services has extensive knowledge and experience in all forms of caulking and chinking applications. We use a series of high quality textured caulking and sealants. Chinking and caulking are available in a wide variety of colors. You can obtain a contrast appearance or choose wood tone colors that closely match your stain.

We use a variety of modern chinking products that are much more elastic and durable than the mortar chinking of decades past. Chinking is not always a user friendly product and the application is often meticulous and time consuming. We recommend the use of backer rod or “bond breakers” to obtain a two point contact and to avoid a three point adhesion.